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The week of the the King!!

So, this week it will be the birthday of the King and whole Netherlands will go crazy and especially in Amsterdam. Our king Willem-Alexander will become 50 on the 27 of April and whole Netherlands will be collard orange, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oranjegekte.

If your planning to come to Amsterdam, my advice is to come before the 26Th. You don`t want to arrive or travel on the 27th trust me. In the evening of 26th it will all start and there will be events and party`s everywhere and on the 27th everybody will come out and sell their old stuff, the city will change in one big flea market, everybody will get drunk and there will no any spot where people don`t party.

Here I show you my personal high lights of the week, wish you all a safe and nice stay in Amsterdam!!

 Techno Tuesday and techno tribe!!   24-04-2017

This are 2 events across each other and both free entrance, so just hop from one to the other.

Techno Tuesday will find place in the Melkweg and Techno tribe in the Sugar Factory


Techno Tuesday


Techno Tribe




Kings night ,   26-04-2017

This is the night before king’s day where we starting to celebrate the birthday of the king. There are a lot of events tonight so I will give you my highlights and a link to all events on Facebook.


 The Jungle koningsnacht


All facebook events on 26-04-2017  (Link does not work whit a smartphone)


Kings day, 26-04-2017

Today everybody comes out and sell their old stuff, but also party`s everywhere.

I will go to the NDSM, this is a cultural free haven and is in the North of Amsterdam. to come her you can take a ferry from Central station and is free of charge.

In this area will already like 15 events thogether so i will show the facebook link to all of them





25 years Dj Isis, 29-04-2017

Then there will be an awesome party in the Paradiso of DJ Isis, she will celebrate her 25 years of being a DJ.


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