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History of Paradiso

This church building is designed in the nineteen centuries by G.B. Salm and his son A. Salm and got built in 1879.

The building got squatted  by a group of hippies in 1967 so they would have their own club, but the police soon fell in and put an end to the festivities. In 1968 it become a cosmic leisure centre with the aim of providing a sanctuary to creative talent.

Already in the first months of trading is known groups like Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things and Captain Beefheart. So Paradiso was quickly stamped as pop temple.


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History of Guigoord

Has its origins in the squatted artists village that  for nearly thirty years fought to preserve its natural surroundings but eventually had to give way to Amsterdam’s harbour development. In 1999 the artist’s community of Ruigoord presented a plan to make the village over into an artist’s work place. Together with the Amsterdam Harbour Authority the plan was developed further and in 2000 gained the approval of the city council…………..wanna read more? click this link:


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